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Surveillance Specialists

We are your eyes for the objective evidence you seek.  With over 20 years experience in private investigations, we have logged over 40,000 hours of surveillance time for some of the country’s largest insurance companies, TPAs and law firms.  During that time we have gained extensive knowledge and experience in what it takes for successful sub rosa, as well as other areas of private investigations. Team surveillances are our specialty! Among the factors we employ for successful investigations are:

  • Careful Preparation–Obtaining all relevant information to assist in where to begin the investigation, surveillance were interview.  How to approach the task.  What factors may influence the approach.  Development of contingency plans and techniques.
  • Patients – calm endurance.  Knowing that results may not be forthcoming instantaneously.
  • Persistent/Determination – continuing with the firm intention of finding the information our clients need.  Been there when the action is taking place.
  • Experience – having the know-how to recognize the intangibles that help get the job done right.  We do what it takes!